Jun 29, 2014

Top 10 Safety Repairs To Do Before Selling Your Home

The one comment I hear from my sellers most often when we discuss the home inspection is, “I don’t think the inspector is going to find anything.”  They do, they always, always do.  In 9 years I have had one home that had nothing come up on the report.  It was a newer townhome owned by a single man who kept his home immaculate and pet free.  So please, don’t purposely not fix something because you want to leave “something” for the inspector to find!  Trust me, he will find plenty that you would have never even thought about.  Most inspections reports reveal a page and a half to two pages of repairs that the inspector found.  Let’s go ahead and get the most common repairs out of the way so the buyers can be impressed of how well you take care of your home!

1)   Make sure you have working smoke detectors in each bedroom and outside the sleeping areas of each floor as well as at least one on each floor.

Apr 24, 2013

Is the Anchorage Real Estate Market Really Busy?!

Rewind the past 7 years I've been selling real estate and the most common question asked is,  "How is the real estate market right now?"  And since that question gets asked so often to all Realtors, we are even trained on how to properly answer the question beyond an answer of "Slow. Busy. Good."  But I noticed a shift in how that question is being asked to me over the past few months.  It's now asked as, "Is the market really busy now?  I've been driving around neighborhoods and I see all these sale pending signs!"  Or, "My sister's house just sold in 2 days!  Why do you think it's so much better this year?"  See that shift in the question?  People KNOW it's busy without even asking but they are reaffirming what they already know and see!

Dec 5, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

Here's a sampling of Elf on the Shelf ideas we've done over the past 2 years! This is not real estate related but thought my clients would enjoy seeing the shenanigans that Buddy the Elf has gotten himself into:)
Elf on the Shelf Idea Balloon Ride

Elf on the Shelf Cookie Monster Lockout

Nov 18, 2011

Get Your Home Ready to Sell! Home Inspection

I am a big fan of having my sellers get a pre-sale home inspection before we place their home on the market.  Our history of homes we’ve sold that were pre-inspected shows us that it is clearly an advantage for sellers because their homes sell faster and for more money than those that chose not to do this.  However, often times when I bring up this topic at my listing appointments I get the same questions from each seller.  Below you will find common questions as well as my advice to my sellers.

-"Doesn't the buyer usually pay for it?  I'd rather not pay for it I don't have to."
The buyer does usually pay for the home inspection but in my opinion, having your home pre-inspected and repairs complete will yield you a higher sales price and a smoother, quicker closing.  Even if a great offer comes in, you could lose that buyer or the sales price could be lowered if the buyer’s home inspection reveals unexpected repairs.  I believe it’s best to have all the information up front.  It also shows a buyer you are a serious seller and that you are selling them a solid home.
-"Isn't it better to wait so that a buyer doesn't know everything that's wrong with the house and they decide not to make an offer?"